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Larus Car Service NCC

Verona Sirmione TRIP R/T

Verona Sirmione Trip: a Day Trip. Discover the historical and naturalistic wonders and taste the typical local products of Northern Italy with our private return trips for individuals, small groups and families.

Verona is one of the most enjoyable Italian cities and the set of “Romeo and Juliet” drama of Shakespeare, while the villages and scenery of Lake Garda are simply enchanting in their beauty.

Verona is a wonderful mix of aesthetic beauty and romance that makes it a popular tourist destination; a city of art and culture, has a rich archaeological heritage and preserves its medieval historic center intact.

The rates are fixed and include: motorway tolls, fuel, flight arrival time monitoring, meeting & greeting with a sign board in the arrival hall of the airport, water bottles, candies, VAT.

Our vehicles are Mercedes and equipped with winter tires, heating, radio, CD, wi-fi, snow chains and children seats for all ages.

Our drivers have obtained the license for the transportation of passengers (KAP B) and are signed up in the register of drivers to carry out this profession.

They are reserved, polite, kind, punctual and have gained experience driving in all weather conditions.

If you book a round trip you will get a 5% discount!

Verona & Sirmione

The classical tour of Verona starts from the Arena, built in the 1st century BC and then through Via Mazzini the house of Giulietta. From Giulietta’s house we reach Piazza delle Erbe, ancient Roman Forum and Piazza Dante where the main city monuments of the city are built, a symbol and expression of the various domination that has historically followed. The tour ends with a visit to the church of Sant’Anastasia and Castelvecchio.

From the hill of San Pietro and enjoying a spectacular panorama of the whole city begins our journey to the discovery of Roman Verona with a visit to the Roman amphitheater, at the gates of the city, up to the arena and then end in the ancient Roman forum, the heart of the city’s political and commercial life: the square of the Herbs (Piazza delle Erbe).

The city in the Middle Ages is linked to the name of the Scala family and visiting the buildings built by these powerful lords will revive the history and the business of this noble dynasty.

The name of Verona is indissolubly tied to the Shakespearian tragedy of Juliet and Romeo. Visiting Giulietta’s house, Romeo’s home, the church where they married and the tomb of the unlucky young man, we will read the story of these two unlucky lovers step by step.

In the afternoon you can admire the small villages lining the shores of Lake Garda that fascinated visitors for centuries like Sirmione. It is a charming village at the end of a long peninsula stretching on the southern shore of Lake Garda. Its beauty has been narrated since ancient times by the Roman poet Catullo, and since then its splendor has not increased with the addition of the colorful medieval village and the imposing Rocca Scaligera.